King Air 90 Aviation Training

There are three basic King Air series that were produced: the 90 series, the 200 series and the 350 series. PAS Flight Training offers Initial and Annual Recurrent Pilot Training and Pilot Mentoring Services in the King Air 90/200 Series of Aircraft. Our program is tailored to you, based on your background and flying experience.

  • Initial Training: 3 days
  • Recurrent Training: 1-2 days

Our highly qualified Pilots can fly to you within the US or you have the option to come to us, we are located in California.

Training covers

  • Ground school
  • Aircraft Systems/Checklists
  • Twin Cessna systems, King Air performance characteristics
  • VFR and IFR conditions, able to handle normal & night flying
  • abnormal and emergency scenarios to ACS standards established for your pilot certificate
  • Annual Pilot Proficiency Checks (or Recurrent Training)
  • Instrument Competency Check (ICC)
  • Flight Training to Proficiency
  • emergency procedures & more

Our Head of Pilot Training Kenneth Petschow offers a highly accredited Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rating experience, delivering a high-quality flight and ground instruction to the King Air training fleet.

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