Initial & Recurrent Aircraft type-specific training

PAS Flight Training offers Initial and Annual Recurrent Pilot Training and Pilot Mentoring Services. We offer Jet, Turboprop, and Piston aircraft training throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and ASIA.

Training Locations

We can fly to you or we offer to teach from various airports in FBO facilities around Ontario,  California.

Our lead Pilot Trainer  Kenneth Petschow offers a highly accredited Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rating experience, delivering high-quality ground and flight instruction.

One on one training and group training

Our instructors are available to teach one on one or group training. Price is available on application based on number of Pilots and overall experience. This is calculated on ground school time and the number of flight training hours for each pilot’s proficiency.

The following prices are an estimate based on individual experience.

Please call Ken for a specific quotation. +1-909-289-289

Aircraft Systems/Checklists2 Hours4 Hours
Engine Operation/Turbine Theory3 Hours3 Hours
Aircraft Performance Charts1 Hour1 Hour
Flight Risk Assessment/CRM1 Hour1 Hour
Weight and Balance1 Hour1 Hour
High Altitude Operations1 Hour2 Hours
Oxygen Requirements/Physiology 1 Hour1 Hour
Emergency Procedures/checklists2 Hour2 Hour
Ground schoolTotal 13 HoursTotal 16 Hours
Aircraft Ground Familiarization1 Hour2 Hours
Aircraft Maintenance/Servicing 2 Hours3 Hours
Cockpit Procedure Training2 Hours3 Hours
Flight Training to ProficiencyMinimum 2 HoursMinimum 5 Hours
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